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Coumarone Resin is a resin that is used as a plasticizer and process aid.


Coumarone Indeno Resin is regularly used in the rubber industry as a softener in natural and synthetic rubbers. Its use helps speed up the mixing operation and improves the dispersion of the pigments.

Added to this is the fact that the molten resin moistens the fillers and pigments, which helps the polymer to accept a greater amount of filler. Coumarone Indene Resin improves the final properties of the compound. The modulus and hardness increase, as well as plasticity.

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Coumarone resins are produced by acid-catalyzed polymerization of coumarone fractions obtained from coal tar solvent fractions in a process similar to that used for the production of terpene resins. These coal tar fractions are byproducts of coke manufacturing.

As is the case with terpene resins, production of coumarone resins is limited by raw material shortages resulting from reduced use of coke in modern steel manufacturing and declining steel production in the United States. Synthetic coumarone resins are light in color, have good color stability and function as process auxiliaries, improving the dispersion of fillers without having a negative influence on curing properties. They are particularly useful for improving the dispersion of mineral fillers in high-strength, white or light-colored SBR compounds.