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The family of Aluminum Silicates is extensive and can include several products, which is why here we present a general technical bulletin on aluminum silicates and their uses.

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Putty widely used in all paint systems, its laminar characteristic provides a more uniform surface finish and good coverage, its adsorption capacity promotes better adhesion between the particles and the polymer, improving resistance to washability (or abrasion test). , provides flexibility, its morphology gives it kaolin. greater resistance to sedimentation, ensuring better stability to the system, for enamels, flexographic paints, etc.

Aluminum Silicate is a mineral product of inorganic constitution, chemically inert, extracted from deposits and processed in different particle size ranges according to the desired application.

Aluminum Silicate occurs in lamellar crystalline form with an irregular surface, providing great adsorption power. It can be treated by chemical bleaching or calcination, leaving the product whiter.

General formula: Al2Si2O5(OH)4.

White to slightly creamy, fine, odorless, insoluble powder.